Hybrid solutions

Orbital joins the dots between traditional finance and digital assets. Transact in fiat or crypto, and enjoy the flexibility and efficiency of the new digital economy.



Orbital’s Exotics solution represents a new route into valuable and dynamic emerging markets.

Finance beyond borders - even in emerging markets
  • We make it simple to do business in territories that have traditionally been difficult to access, due to less-developed banking infrastructure or restrictive regulatory environments. Emerging markets are amongst the biggest drivers of crypto adoption. Orbital's Exotics solution provides on-ramps to stablecoin liquidity in local emerging markets.
Cross border settlements
  • Transact globally with ease, even in territories with limited cross-border payments ability. Settle funds from local emerging markets through access to stablecoin liquidity.
Global treasury management
  • Manage all of your international treasury processes through one platform. Get complete continuity, with no requirement to build local banking relationships.
Repatriate efficiently
  • Convert funds back into your home currency at the most favourable rates, and with deep automation options.

Digital assets

Find out how you can use digital assets as part of your corporate treasury toolkit.

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