Neobanking platform

Seamlessly handle your business’ FX and payments operations, with our end-to-end platform, licensed for both traditional and digital asset flows.

Advanced features and best-in-class user experience, including the power to assign user management and approval rules, and self-service account management capabilities, so accounts can be opened and transacted against instantly.


Orbital Accounts

The Orbital platform combines traditional fiat and crypto business accounts, with numerous exchange options between - enabling rapid integration of crypto capabilities into existing payment flows.

Multi-currency accounts
  • Open first named IBAN accounts in seconds (rather than weeks at a traditional bank).
  • 30+ fiat currencies including USD, EUR and GBP.
  • Instant access to new markets without physical presence or domestic banking.
  • Orbital is a regulated entity, minimising upset to ongoing banking relationships.
Crypto accounts
  • Store, receive and trade cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, USDT and USDC.
  • Funds are highly secure with MPC security and full client fund segregation, meaning assets are as safe as cold storage, with the flexibility of hot wallets.
  • Real-time deposit processing, with zero wait-time for confirmations.


Receive and send payments globally, using efficient crypto payment rails, for access to hard to reach markets. Orbital is the smarter way to do payments.

Single and cross currency payments
  • Make cross-border payments in fiat and crypto to your beneficiaries in over 180+ territories. Including payments with a currency conversion for a smooth, seamless payment experience.
Payments to / from emerging markets
  • We use stablecoin on / off ramps, so you get faster settlement speeds with no unexpected costs along the way.

Foreign Exchange

Bank-beating foreign exchange services, for both fiat and crypto, managed side-by-side on our platform.

Fiat and Crypto FX
  • Friction-free FX, including fiat to crypto and vice versa.
  • Minimal risk of currency fluctuations and unexpected costs, with executable rates for both fiat and crypto trades.
  • Convert stablecoins like USDT and USDC into major currencies.
  • Auto-exchange incoming funds.
Exotic FX
  • Reduce the complexity of recouping funds from local markets with Orbital’s EFX solution.
  • Offering lower fees and faster settlement times of less than 24 hours, using crypto payment rails.


Orbital’s OTC desk gives you access to a limitless number of bespoke transactions. If you need to send, receive or exchange fiat or crypto currencies, we’ll provide you with a solution.


Crypto gateway

  • Find alternative banking solutions, side-by-side with our e-commerce crypto payment gateway.

    We’re fully regulated for both fiat and crypto services, so merchants can easily and securely off-ramp into fiat, and hold funds in multi-currency IBANs or crypto custody vaults.
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