Traditional finance

Orbital brings traditional finance into the digital era. Run your entire treasury operation through a single platform, from multi-currency accounts to cross-border payments. Welcome to the world of banking beyond borders.


Multi-currency Account

Our Multi-currency Corporate Accounts product lets you receive, exchange and send multiple currencies, all in your company name, all on one platform.

Instant international presence
  • Open new domestic and foreign accounts as you need them, in just a few minutes (rather than weeks at a traditional bank).
  • Automate and streamline remittance flows with named IBANs in GBP, USD, or EUR. Generate dedicated IBANs for customers or suppliers and track even the most complex payment flows with ease.
  • Connect to key payment schemes including FPS and SWIFT for seamless foreign exchange or local transactions.
  • Receive funds globally, with support for major currencies - and no need for a physical presence or domestic banking arrangements.
  • Reduce costs by converting back into your home currency at competitive real-time rates.

Foreign Exchange

Bank-beating foreign exchange services for all supported currencies, with the ability to auto-exchange incoming funds. All FX services are easily managed on our platform.

Exchange funds without friction
    • Avoid the risk of currency fluctuations and unexpected transaction costs, with seamless access to spot foreign exchange between accounts on the platform
    • FX payments available in GBP, EUR & USD

    Global Payments

    Orbital's real-time cross-border solution for sending payments in to a growing number of global and emerging markets via local payment schemes.

    Move money globally, instantly
    As your enterprise grows, your business needs treasury solutions that enable you to fulfil your financial requirements around the world. The Orbital platform powers frictionless, instant cross-boarder payments, without the need to set down roots in multiple territories, all through our global network.
    • Make real-time payments around the world, without dealing with multiple providers, saving additional fees.
    • Run mass and single payouts through our reliable platform, built on the capabilities and local expertise of the Orbital team.
    • Transact on your own schedule with our programmatic payments system.


    Find out how you can use crypto as part of your corporate treasury toolkit.

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