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Orbital integrates Binance Pay payment option

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Orbital empowers merchants with Binance Pay integration, expanding crypto payment options

Our leading crypto payment gateway, has taken a significant step forward with the addition of Binance Pay into our Hosted Payment Pages (HPP) solution. This exciting integration is making it even easier for customers to make cryptocurrency payments, providing faster deposits, simplified payment journeys and enhanced accessibility.

The demand for Binance Pay has been soaring, with a large majority of our merchant's users already utilising Binance for their deposits. With a large and ever-growing user-base, Binance has established itself as a widely recognised platform within the crypto community. When evaluating which crypto payment gateway provider to choose, this integration feature is super valuable, as it gives merchants access to Binance Pay's extensive user network, allowing them to tap into a vast pool of potential customers who are already familiar with and actively using Binance's services. This built-in user base provides a ready market for businesses to attract crypto-savvy individuals, who are eager to utilise Binance Pay for their online transactions.

For businesses seeking to incorporate crypto payments on their websites, our HPP solution is the fastest and most efficient way to offer digital currencies as a payment method. In addition, this integration brings a multitude of added benefits that make Orbital stand out from market alternatives.

For example our Web3 app integrations including; MetaMask, TronLink and WalletConnect mean businesses can tap into the decentralized application ecosystem, unlocking innovative opportunities and expanding functionality for their customers. Plus, the HPP solution supports over 55 languages, ensuring a global reach and enabling businesses to cater to diverse customer bases effortlessly.

Orbital's HPP also allows businesses to customize their payment pages with bespoke branding, ensuring a consistent brand experience for their users. By aligning crypto payment offerings with overall brand strategies, businesses can enhance customer trust and recognition.

The integration of Binance Pay within our HPP solution marks an exciting milestone, as we look to continue to expand payment options and offer enhanced features. Orbital is propelling businesses towards a future where crypto payments are streamlined, accessible, and seamlessly integrated into their operations.

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