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Treasury solutions platform – A compliance perspective

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We are on the verge of releasing our all new treasury management platform, that will provide our clients with a frictionless, efficient and compliant solution to manage fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, exotic FX and cross-border payments.

Managing cross-border payments has long been a bug-bear for corporate businesses. With many experiencing long delays in transaction execution time, unreliable liquidity and inflated FX charges. Our platform reduces friction for customers seeking to manage liquidity and payments on a global scale, whilst maintaining the highest standards of financial crime prevention and regulatory compliance.

Compliance is an integral part of our new platform, with every minor detail needing to be meticulously analysed and checked against risk and compliance regulations, and best practices. Here are some of the steps we take:

The risk assessment 

As an FCA Regulated Authorised Payment Institution, we are legally obligated under section 19.4.c of the Money Laundering Regulations to risk assess all new products. This means that before we launch any new technologies or products, we must make an assessment of the money laundering and terrorist financing risks that could potentially arise. Following the assessment, we then mitigate the risks found.

The process is a great opportunity to review policies and procedures, and introduce additional controls to ensure the compliance framework is up-to-date and reflective of the products we offer. 

Specialist technology partners

We wouldn’t be a FinTech if we didn’t use the latest wizzy hi-tech tools, as part of our day-to-day processes! In order to make sure that the product is both operationally viable for customers, and compliant with regulations, we’ve utilised specialist third-party technologies that support us in meeting our regulatory obligations. These tools have been calibrated to specifically mitigate all risks that we perceive to be inherent in the new product. 

Our chosen tech partners will also ensure that our customers have the best experience possible, and make sure we can protect all parties from any illicit activity. 

Our blend of both automated and manual reviews are the perfect combination - we are able to draw on the expertise of our compliance teams, who between them have many years of industry experience, whilst also capitalising on the faster response times, transaction execution times and customer service, that our selected third-party tools offer us. 

Understanding our customers

One of the ways we ensure transactions run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, whilst still being totally compliant, is by requesting supporting documentation for certain transactions. This is also a requirement of being a FCA regulated Payment Institution, which means we need to understand our customers and their transactions. Once a customer uploads documentation, the process will become much more automated, resulting in a smoother and more compliant process for all involved. 

Leading the way 

The failure to prevent the concealment of earnings from illicit activity by major banking institutions and FinTech’s, has made our commitment to protect ourselves, our clients and the sanctity of the financial system an essential pursuit.

To that end, we have combined the best of both worlds with our class-leading product - prioritising a client-centric digital platform with the need to receive essential customer and transactional information. This is an exciting time for us, our clients and for the future of digital treasury solutions.

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