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Orbital Now Accepts USDC and USDT on BSC for Crypto Payment Gateway

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Orbital is expanding payment options with lower fees and faster transactions for merchants by supporting more Binance products.

Orbital is excited to announce that we now support USDC and USDT transactions on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) through our crypto payment gateway for eCommerce. This enhancement is designed to offer our clients more efficient, cost-effective, and scalable payment solutions.

Why Binance Smart Chain?

According to the data from the Dune reporting platform and Tron network, Binance Smart Chain is the second most popular network for retail USDT transactions, trailing only behind Tron. 

Here are the statistics:

  • Tron: Around 60M USDT in the last 30 days
  • BSC: Around 33M USDT in March 2024
  • Polygon: Around 6.7M USDT in March 2024
USDT on BSC is showing a significant growth trend over March 2024. Source: 

BSC is native to Binance, and the Orbital crypto payment gateway solution is already integrated with Binance Pay. Currently, we see up to 60% of Orbital crypto deposits originating from Binance, highlighting a strong demand from end payers within the Binance ecosystem.

Benefits for Your Business

Integrating Binance-pegged stablecoins into your checkout process can offer several advantages compared to other crypto options and stablecoins. Here’s how incorporating these stablecoins can benefit your business:

Lower Fees

Binance pegged stablecoins often come with lower transaction fees compared to traditional payment methods or other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Lower fees can translate to cost savings for both you as a merchant and your customers, making transactions more affordable and attractive. Given low amount of Gas required and cheaper BNB in comparison to Ethereum for the end users it translates into 0.05-0.10$ network fees.

Faster Transactions

Transactions using Binance pegged stablecoins typically settle much faster compared to traditional payment methods or even other cryptocurrencies. This rapid settlement can streamline your checkout process, leading to improved customer satisfaction and faster order fulfillment.

Integration with the Binance Ecosystem

Binance-pegged stablecoins are part of the broader Binance ecosystem, which includes a wide range of services and products. Integrating these stablecoins into your checkout process can open up opportunities for future collaborations, partnerships, and access to additional services offered within the Binance ecosystem.

At Orbital, we are committed to listening to our clients and continuously improving our services based on their feedback. The addition of USDC and USDT on BSC was implemented following client requests, demonstrating our commitment to being a flexible platform that allows merchants to accept crypto the way their business needs.

Getting Started

Ready to start accepting USDC and USDT on Binance Smart Chain for your crypto eCommerce platform? Contact the Orbital support team or your integration manager.

DISCLAIMER: Services related to cryptoassets are not authorized by the FCA & are only directed at and available to corporate customers outside the UK.

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